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Our passion is inspired by the beautiful mountains and coastline of our beloved state of Virginia. That’s why, at Cape Charles Distillery, we draw on both to craft our spirits. We cook our locally grown corn and grains with pristine mountain spring water to create our flagship bourbon, whiskeys, moonshine, and vodka. As a matter of fact, everything we do here is all about using quality local products and celebrating Cape Charles’ rich history, a history that’s helped shape the eastern shore….

Cape Charles Distillery Winter 2021

CCD’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey is hand cut and made with pure mountain limestone water, and locally farm sourced grains that we meticulously select….

CCD’s Rye Whiskey isn’t just a take on a classic libation, it’s a complete reinvention that’s finished in Rye Whiskey barrels >18 months….

Who wouldn’t want Maple whiskey in your coffee? We agree. CCD’s Maple Whiskey is a unique blend of aged whiskey with Amish maple syrup. We blend ….


Taste the sweeter side of life in the nectar of the Eastern Shore Gods, that is captured in CCD’s Blackberry Moonshine. Each batch is handcrafted….


Each batch of CCD Apple Pie Moonshine is handcrafted from triple distilled American corn, fresh pressed apple juice….


WooWoo™ is handcrafted in small batches and distilled 9 times from the finest locally grown grains using pure mountain…


Our smooth and consistently complex Solera whiskey is the result of our Solera aging process. Oak barrels in three vertical tiers are filled with whiskey….


Handcrafted small Batch Bloody Mary Mix Capturing the Spirit of the Eastern Shore of Virginia in every Bottle…


WooWoo™ is handcrafted in small batches and distilled 9 times from the finest locally grown grains using pure mountain…

The Story

Known as the first distillery on the Eastern Shore. All spirts are distilled, with local source products combined with water from the Blue Ridge Mountains producing some of the finest distilled spirts.  Established in 2017 and shortly opening its retail doors in the spring of 2018, Cape Charles Distillery has rapidly captured the attention of Virginia Beach, Norfolk and the Eastern Shore of Virginia.


Voted as the best distillery in the Eastern VA territory three years in a row 2019, 2020 and 2021 by VA Living magazine and being recognized as one of the top 10 distillery’s in the state, VABC. All this being accomplished in < 3 years is no short feat. CCD product portfolio is a must for any bar, restaurant or spirit outlet.

  1. Quality Ingredients

    We are convinced that one of the most important steps in creating a memorable spirit is starting with the very best of ingredients. Creating great spirits isn't magic, it is simply having the ability and drive to pay very close attention to a thousand details which all add up.

  2. Expertise

    We stay true to our Six Rare Crafts, making whisky the way we always have. Our craftsmen have an intimate understanding of their materials and a desire to make the very best spirits possible. Our process is a combination of expertise, skill and ambition which gives The our spirits its unique character.

  3. Handcrafted

    The art of handcrafting fine American spirits does not come easily. It requires patience, dedication, and respect for the long and colorful heritage of whiskey making. Our distillery was founded on these principles and we work tirelessly to uphold them. The result is unsurpassed quality and character in all of our spirit products.

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Virginia is renowned for its beautiful mountains and coastline. At Cape Charles Distillery, we tap the essence of both by cooking our locally grown corn and grains with pristine mountain spring water. We source only the finest Virginia-grown ingredients for our handcrafted vodkas, gins and whiskeys. We love the Eastern Shore and our beautiful commonwealth, and we proudly offer you that love in every bottle of our homemade spirits. Enjoy!

Address: 222 Mason Ave.
Cape Charles VA, 23310
Phone: 757-695-3737

Please note we are a +12 establishment for indoor service. However, all cocktails and bottle sales are available to go. Our Hostess will be glad to help.

Spring Hours....

Sunday1PM - 5PM
Thursday1PM - 5PM
Friday3PM - 8PM
Saturday3PM - 8PM

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Are you looking for a vodka that’s not only delicious but also free of gluten, and 100% corn? Then you’ll love the clean and smooth WooWoo Vodka. 🍸It’s the perfect ingredient to make one of our favorite cocktails: the Espresso Martini! ⁣Mix it with some espresso and our homemade coffee liqueur, and you’re ready to enjoy a delicious nightcap. #WooWooVodka #EspressoMartini⁣ ... See MoreSee Less
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